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My Kids Market NSW
My Kids Market NSW
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  Shoppers FAQ  
  Here are a few of the common questions shoppers ask us before attending a My Kids Market NSW.
     What items will be on sale at the market?  
  Each market aims to provide shoppers with a wide range of quality preloved goods as well as unique and/or handmade goods and services. The market consists of stallholders that are mums and dads who are selling their preloved or handcrafted goods. Although we will most likely have your required item for sale, we cannot guarantee it, as we don’t know exactly what stallholders will bring on the day. We suggest you come early to have the opportunity to view the widest selection.
     When and Where are the Markets are on?  

My Kids Markets NSW run from 9am – 12noon and are held in NSW at the following locations, please click on the preferred location for upcoming dates:

     How can I be kept up to date with the upcoming My Kids Markets NSW?  

There are many ways to find out about an upcoming market near you:

  1. Check out the Market Dates on our website. 
  2. Sign up to receive our MKM e-News every Thursday. We advise of all the upcoming market dates and other relevant market news. You can also check the News section of the website where we will be posting articles/blogs about what's happening at MKM.
  3. Become a member of our MKM Community Group and stay up to date with all our latest date annoucements.
  4. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram and join the events you are interested in and you will receive notifications closer to the market date.
     Is there an entry fee?  

We charge a nominal fee of $4 per adult to enter the market, kids are welcome for free. The entry fee assists with the running costs of the event. Without an entry fee the market would not be able to operate.

     How many stalls will be on display?  

Our events host 60 – 70 stallholders and include a mix of preloved and business stalls.

     Will there be kid’s activities at the market?  
  Yes, we always have fun for the kids so be sure to bring them along!
     If I find an item is faulty or not as described, what should I do?  
  We will send you the contact details of the stallholder for you to contact directly. If you know the stall number then please e-mail us at with stall number, location and date of market and a description of the part/faulty product. My Kids Market NSW is not responsible for faulty items, this is between the buyer and the seller. If you cannot remember the stall holder number then it will be very difficult for us to assist you further. 
     Can I purchase goods with a credit card?  

All My Kids Market NSW are cash only, however, some stalls may offer contacless payment options.

     Is there an ATM at the market?  
  There are no ATM’s at the venue so please come prepared with plenty of cash.
     What if it rains, will the market be cancelled?  
  All My Kids Market NSW are held indoors so the event will always go ahead regardless of the weather.
     I am interested in having a stall at My Kids Market NSW  
  Please visit the Selling section of the website to view the Stallholder Information and follow the prompts to book a stall.
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