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My Kids Market NSW
My Kids Market NSW
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  My Kids Market NSW SHARES THE LOVE!  

The heart-warming thank you message that we received from the family who lost everything in a house fire last weekend in St Clair made it onto 7 News so if you missed it you can watch it by following the link below:

More love was shared around at our Kellyville Market on Sunday 12 November thanks to our wonderful stallholders. While watching 7 News I saw the story of a Mum who incredibly saved her five kids from their burning home in St Clair on Friday 10 November and lost everything at that moment I knew that MKM could help this family. So after a comment on the 7 News Facebook post and many messages back and forth to family members to arrange a pick up our generous stallholders donated a huge pile of pre loved clothing, toys, blankets and other nursery items for the children and at the end of the Market Day and when Dad arrived to collect the donations he was completely overwhelmed by the amount of goods that his family were about to receive from total strangers and MKM were delighted to be able to make this possible.

THANK YOU to all the stallholders who kindly donated. Small heart images

  Donations - St Clair house fire  

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