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My Kids Market NSW
My Kids Market NSW
  INSTRUCTIONS LARGE ITEMS AREA                                                Facebook   Instagram
  Large Items Area  

The Large Items Area is designed for you to sell your bigger items such as cots, prams, rockers, bikes, outdoor toys, safety gates, changetables, bassinets and more. It makes it easier for the shoppers when looking for a particular item as they will find everything in one place and it gives you more space at your stall for your clothing and smaller items.

Below are the instructions on how the large items area works and how to prepare your large items at home.

     Completing the Large Item Labels  

Each item must have its own Large Item label completed prior to Check In. Please CLICK HERE to print a copy of the label.

Large Items labels must be completed prior to bringing items to the Check In area. Please print and complete both sections of the Large Item label at home. If you are unable to do this before the day – staff will provide you with labels that you can take back to your stall to fill in then return to the Check In area with your items.

As in some cases your stall number may change from the number you are issued when booking so it’s a good idea to keep this blank until you confirm your stall number on the day.

In order for the Large Items Area to work properly it is important that the description of the item is the same on both sections of the label. Please include the item brand, colour and any other distinguishing features. This helps us with matching up items once sold and is a good security measure.

Should you require assistance when completing the labels, My Kids Market NSW staff will be there to assist you on the day. 

     Checking your Item/s into the Large Items Area  

The Large Items area will open as soon as the stallholder access commences at 7:30am. 

Check In Process 

  1. Items must be brought to the area between 7.30am – 8.30am to be checked by the market staff, no items will be accepted after 8.30am.
  2. To avoid the check in area becoming over crowded we will be checking items in by staggered timed slots. During set up Stall numbers will be called over the PA to the Large Items Check In Area so please listen out for your Stall.
  3. Each item must have its own label (see above for instructions on completing the label). The market staff will check each item, then stamp both sections of the label to confirm it has been quality checked. They will then attach the top label to your item and give the receipt back to you.
  4. Each label MUST be completed prior to bringing your items to the Check In area. 
  5. Please bring the whole label (label and receipt) to the Large Items area along with your item. There is no need to cut the label; the market staff will do this during the check in process.
  6. Please ensure all items are checked in by the market staff, items must not be left in the area unless they have been stamped by the staff. Only stamped items will be kept on display. For security purposes it is important that you follow the above process.

When bringing items to the Large Items Area all goods must be carried where possible to avoid scratching the floor. Please ensure items with plastic wheels such as highchairs and change tables have the brakes turned off so the wheels can turn freely.

The check in area will close at 8.30am and no further items will be accepted after this time. This will allow the market staff to display the items accordingly and to carry out the final quality checks before the market opens at 9am.

To avoid loose pieces and smaller objects such as cot screws and pram covers being lost or stolen we encourage stallholders to securely attach these to the items where possible or hold them at your stall and give to the buyer once the item has been sold.

My Kids Market NSW has a reputation for selling excellent quality pre loved goods so if we feel that an item does not meet our standard it will be removed from the area and you will be asked to take it back to your car. 

     Selling Your Item  

As the shoppers enter the market they will go to the Large Items Area to view the items for sale. Should they wish to purchase an item they will come to your stall. The market staff will assist the shoppers with finding the stalls by providing them with a small map of the stall layout.

Once you and the shopper have agreed on a price they then pay you for the item, you give them the receipt that was stamped by the market staff at Check In. Please ask the buyer to bring the stamped receipt to the Large Items Area to advise the staff that the item has been sold and the staff will place a SOLD label on the item. This will stop other shoppers coming to your stall to buy an item that you have already sold and allow us to remove the item from display for security purposes. It is also a good idea to advise the market staff once you have sold an item as often buyers can forget to do this.

Please be assured we will not release the item unless we are given the original stamped receipt. 
     Changing the Price of Your Item  

If you find that you are not getting any enquiries about your item, you may want to review the price. We encourage you to consider dropping the price as early in the day as possible as you want to sell the item and not take it home! You can change the price on your large item at any time by going to the Large Items Area and changing the price on the label. You do not need to gain permission from the market staff to change a price.

     Collecting Unsold Items at the End of the Day  

Unsold large items must be collected at the conclusion of the market. When collecting your item/s please bring along your receipt that was issued to you that morning so that we know the item is yours. The market staff will remain in this area to assist with the check out process till 12.10pm after this time the area will be unsupervised and all items will be left unattended. 

When collecting items from the Large Items Area all goods must be carried where possible to avoid scratching the floor. Please ensure items with plastic wheels such as highchairs and change tables have the brakes turned off so the wheels can turn freely.

Please see the Market Staff if you have any questions on the day – we are always happy to help!

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