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My Kids Market NSW
My Kids Market NSW
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  Selling Tips  

At My Kids Market NSW our aim is to help you make the most of your MKM experience so we have put together a list of SELLING TIPS to assist you in preparation for the market day! 

Past Stallholders have a successful day selling with us because they keep it simple; they do not overload their stall area: they ensure all items on display are in excellent pre loved condition and most importantly they price items low and sell more!


Price to Sell as on Market Day as there are going to be stalls selling similar items to yours so it's important to be realistic when pricing your pre loved goods and be flexible on the day as the aim is to sell items not take them home again.

Remind yourself you are selling second hand goods. Be realistic when deciding on prices for your goods and ask yourself how much I would pay for it? It’s important to remember that the shoppers won't have the same emotional attachment to your items as you so don’t price from your heart. Stallholders have the most success when their prices are low as this will bring more shoppers to your stall which will then attract even more shoppers. We have years of experience and feedback, so we advise price low and sell lots!

We are often asked to assist with pricing of items; unfortunately, we cannot recommend prices due to the variety and volume of goods being sold. When pricing items the main points to consider are the brand, the quality of the item, when it was purchased and if the item is still popular today.

Shoppers prefer if all goods are priced clearly so we encourage stallholders to use small stickers on individual items or make signs for boxes and tubs with just the one price clearly visible, this system makes it easy for you and the shoppers. With clothing and books, you may choose to bundle them or make a sign that states shoppers can buy 5 or 10 items for $X. This is a great way to sell more items too! Even with your goods clearly priced we still suggest to be prepared to bargain and be flexible. Using this method of selling will not only make your more money, it will reduce the amount of goods you take home!

Clothes racks are a great way to sell clothing at your stall. Please ensure your rack does not exceed the size restrictions.  Many stallholders decide on one set price for all clothes on the rack and display the price clearly or you may prefer to price each item individually depending on the variety of clothing you have it’s up to you.

Use your table as the main focal point of your stall by placing items that will attract the shoppers’ attention and are of the greatest value as this is where most people look and prefer to buy from. Remember there will many pregnant mums coming by your stall, most won’t want to bend down constantly to find a bargain. We also discourage stallholders from piling too many clothes on the table as this can look uninviting.

Sort Your Pre Loved Clothing by Size and Gender so shoppers can easily spot what you have up for grabs. When shoppers are busily hunting for the best bargains being able to take a quick glance at each stall to find the right sizes makes shopping at MKM super easy.

Plastic tubs and boxes on the floor work well when you have an abundance of clothing to sell, the best way to display these are by gender and size. Once again ensure they are clearly labelled and keep the pricing simple. Please remember to place a sheet or towel under all tubs or boxes to protect the floor.


In order to attract as many shoppers as possible it is important that your stall area is welcoming.

When setting up your stall we advise you not to display an excess of items on the table or floor as this can make your stall area look overcrowded and untidy which may deter shoppers. When placing goods on the floor ensure that you have allowed for the shoppers to walk up to your table. During the set up we suggest stepping on the other side to see what the shoppers are going to see.

Remember you have space under your table to store additional items, once you start selling you will make plenty of room for these items.

The use of colourful and bright signage, a tablecloth and other decorations such as bunting is a great way to attract attention and it makes your stall area inviting.

  • Toys and clothes are the most sought after at the markets as well as large nursery items. It goes without saying that items that sell best and the quickest are in excellent pre-loved condition.
  • Laundering clothes to increase their freshness prior to market day is something we encourage and where possible ironing clothes will also make them more attractive.
  • Bring plenty of plastic bags to provide to the shoppers when they buy from your stall.
  • We suggest you bring at least a $100 float made up of gold coins and small notes as most shoppers arrive at the market with $50 notes and very little change.
  • Don't try to sell all of your baby & kids items in one go, sort out your goods and bring only those that suit the current season and the next.
  • Would you buy it? Yes; then bring it along to sell. No; find another home for it.
  • We often get requests from shoppers wanting to buy items for older kids. Ages up to 7 are highly sought after and many families have older siblings too, so please feel free to bring such items along with your baby goods.
  • Chat with the shoppers, ask them what sizes they’re after, don’t just sit at your stall waiting for a sale; be proactive. Put a smile on your face so the shoppers feel welcome at your stall.
  • Only sell what you would buy yourself. Please do not try and sell items that are heavily worn, stained, pilled, mouldy or musty or simply out dated. We are not a garage sale; our market is constantly praised for the high standard of goods sold. Please help us maintain this reputation. You will be asked to remove goods from your stall that are unsuitable and don’t meet our standards.
  The above suggestions should help you gain the most of your experience as a stallholder.  It is your job to sell your goods and you will not be reimbursed for lack of sales.  
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