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My Kids Market NSW
My Kids Market NSW

STALLHOLDER INFORMATION                                                                                                                                                                              Facebook   Instagram  


Stallholder Information    


My Kids Market NSW requires all stallholders to adhere to the information detailed below.

     Stall hire includes: Stall costs are listed on the Market Location pages HERE  
  • 1 x plastic trestle table 76cm wide x 182cm long (6ft x 2ft)
  • An additional area of approx 50cm on the left hand side of your table to display ONE small/medium clothes rack. Please note that commercial clothes racks are not permitted due to space restrictions.
  • Market staff to assist you with the Large Items Area (refer below for further details).
  • Market entry for two people 
  • Access to the Large Items Area for up to 4 large items. (refer below and Instructions Large Items Area document for more details)
  • Quality indoor venue
  • Market Stall Insurance is included for all stallholders but please note that this insurance does not cover your products.. If you are hosting a Business Stalls please ensure your products are covered by your own Public Liability as your products are not covered under our policy.
  • Unlimited access to our MKM Commmunity Group to promote your stall in the lead up to Market Day!
  • Exclusive access to our MKM Stallholder Hub to help you make the most of your MKM experience!
  • Please refer to the Market Locations page for the cost of Pre Loved and Business Stalls.
     Covid Safety Information - Click Here  
     Stall Location  

In most cases you will be allocated the preferred stall position that you booked online, however, due to COVID-19 social distancing requirements we may need to relocate some stalls. Please note that we will ensure your stall is as close as possible to your preferred stall.

A map of the stall layout and a full Stallholder list will be on display at the entry points on market day. Please refer to the Stallholder List upon entry to double check your stall location. Market staff will be available to assist you in locating your stall if required.

If you book more than one stall or wish to have a stall near a friend please advise of this in the comments section of your booking. If you are unable to book them together please email us a request and we will happily relocate your stall/s where possible.

Between 9am- 12noon all Stallholders are asked to remain at their stall and only leave their designated stall area if they need to attend the bathrooms, purchase food or attend to items in the Large Items Area. 

     Set Up/Pack Up and Check-Out  

Doors will open at 7.30am for stallholders and set up will continue until 8.45am. Stallholder only access doors will be closed at 8.45am and remain closed until the end of the market at 12noon.

Anyone entering the stadium must check in to the venue using the Service NSW app and be officially signed in by My Kids Market staff.

Empty stalls will be reallocated to other stallholders or removed at 8.30am SHARP so please ensure you allow plenty of time to locate the venue as we do not refund or transfer stalls if you do not make it on time. 

The market will close to the shoppers at 12 noon and all doors will be reopened for stallholder pack up.

We ask that you pack up as quickly as possible as the venues require us to have the floor clear by 12.45pm.  

Please leave your stall area as you found it.

Please remember to check-out of the venue by accessing the Service NSW app when you leave.


The majority of markets are held within basketball stadiums on timber flooring. It is very important when moving your goods in/out or around the hall they are all carried and you are not dragging any items across the floor. Any items with wheels must have the brakes turned off and the wheels turning freely.

When bringing items to the Large Items Area all goods must be carried where possible. Please ensure items with plastic wheels such as highchairs and change tables have the brakes turned off and the wheels are turning freely.

Plastic tubs, boxes or bags MUST NOT be wheeled or dragged across the floor.

If you are planning to display plastic tubs or boxes on the floor in front of your table you are required to sit them on a sheet or mat. If you are unable to adhere to this you will be asked by the market manager to remove them.

Please ensure all helpers and children are aware of this as any damage to the floor (i.e. scratching) may result in the stallholder having to pay for the re-surfacing of the damaged area.




With density limits no longer in place we can now allow one helper at every stall!

We also encourage you to bring a face mask for times when maintaining a safe distance is not always possible.

     Stall Set Up     

Boxes/Plastic Tubs - When displaying goods and boxes/tubs on the floor in front of your table they must not spread into the aisle as this may cause a tripping hazard. Too many goods on the floor will also create congestion which can deter shoppers. Be sure to utilise the Large Items Area as this will allow for more space at your stall for your smaller items. If you are planning to display tubs/boxes on the floor in front of your table you are required to have a sheet or towel underneath them to protect the floor surface.

Clothes Rack – Clothes racks are a great way to sell clothing at the market. Stallholders may bring one small/medium clothes rack to place on the left side of your trestle table unless you are on a corner stall where you may place it on either side. This will ensure there is adequate space for the shoppers to browse the racks. Please note that clothes racks are not provided so you will need to bring your own if required. Should more than one rack be on display you will be asked to remove the second rack or if they are small racks they may be placed together to form one rack. (Please note this will be at the Market Managers discretion). Large commercial double clothes racks are not permitted due to space restrictions.  The rack must not protrude too far past the table into the aisle as this can cause congestion and may create a tripping hazard at your stall. If you are unsure please send us a photo and we will advise if the rack is suitable.

Tablecloth – We encourage all stallholders to bring a tablecloth to cover their trestle table as this will improve the overall appearance of your stall and make it more attractive to the shoppers.

Stall number stand - Please ensure that the stall number stand provided remains on your table and is clearly visible at all times as this will assist shoppers in locating your stall.

We have compiled a handy list of SELLING TIPS to assist you why not check them out!

     Please Bring - we have complied a list of  items to bring along to help keep our event Covid safe  
  • Floor Covering - All stalls must have a sheet or mat on the floor to place under boxes, plastic tubs and racks.
  • Face mask - it is currently mandatory in NSW to wear a face mask in indoor public areas.
  • Hand sanitiser – please bring a bottle of sanitiser to place at your stall to be used by yourself and shoppers after each transaction
  • Disposable Gloves – this is not mandatory, however, we recommend wearing gloves while at your stall especially when handling cash.
  • Disinfectant spray and/or wipes to wipe down items in between customers
  • Cashless payment options – while cash will remain at MKM we suggest you consider offering cashless payment options such as Square or Paypal to reduce the number of cash transactions.
  • Stationery Kit - to minimise the need for sharing of equipment we encourage you to be prepared for market day with a small kit including a permanent marker, pen, paper, sticky tape, and scissors.
  • Table cloth - to cover your trestle table and improve the overall presentation of your stall.
  • Chair - most venues have removed chairs from their stadiums so to avoid any inconvenience we suggest you please bring a folding chair if required. All chairs must be placed on a small mat or towel to avoid damaging the floor otherwise you will be asked to remove the chair. If you are unable to adhere to this you will be asked by the market manager to remove the chair.
  • Completed Large Items labels (see Large Items Area Instructions)
  • Change Float - We suggest you bring at least a $100 float made up of gold coins and small notes as most shoppers arrive at the market with $50 notes and very little change.
  • Water and Food - All venues have some food and drinks available, however, we suggest bring water and snacks to keep you going throughout the morning.
     Exit Doors  

All exit doors must be kept clear at all times and no stallholder is allowed to place goods, clothes racks or tables in front of the exit doors.

     Large Items Area  

It is important that only clean items in excellent pre loved condition are sold. All items must contain the correct screws, attachments, panels, fittings and harnesses that are required for the item to be fully functional. Any items that are found to be broken, dirty, mouldy or not in 100% working order will not be accepted. If a shopper contacts us after the market to advise that an item they purchased is faulty we will pass on the Stallholder contact details for the shopper to contact directly to resolve the issue. My Kids Market NSW will not enter into a dispute; this must be resolved privately between the two parties.

Check In Process 

  1. Items must be brought to the area between 7.30am – 8.30am to be checked by the market staff, no items will be accepted after 8.30am.
  2. To avoid the check in area becoming over crowded we will be checking items in by staggered timed slots. During set up Stall numbers will be called over the PA to the Large Items Check In Area so please listen out for your Stall.
  3. Each item must have its own Large Items label.
  4. Each label MUST be completed prior to bringing your items to the Check In area (see Instructions for Large Items Area document for further information on completing the label). 

Stallholders can place 4 large items in the display area. The area is designed for large nursery items only and we have listed acceptable items below to assist you:

  • Prams/Strollers - must be sold with a tether strap and red brakes are to be visible.
  • Car Seats - must be less than 10 years old and not have been involved in an accident. All car seats must comply with the Australian Standards AS/NZS 1754 and the official label must be clearly visible.
  • Cots/Mattresses and portacots - these are to be sold unassembled due to space restrictions, we suggest attaching a photo to show the assembled cot if required.
  • Highchairs
  • Change tables and baby baths
  • Safety Gates and playpens
  • Rockers, bounces and walkers
  • Bikes and outdoor toys etc

Please refer to the links provided on our Product Safety page for more information about the mandatory standards relating to some items. 




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